Best Way to Sell Your Products (Online)

A little story about my experience in buying and selling. i had communication with a Chinese company which manufactures virgin human hair grade 8A, and i made some orders from them with the intent to make sales here in Nigeria and get good profit. The products arrived and i needed to also pay custom clearance because it was of commercial quantity and trust me i wasn’t happy with that because it was another big minus on my profit score card. I later received my products and informed people who were earlier interested and 70% declined purchase so to cut the long story short, product ended up spending longer time with me and some people owed me for 2months. That is not business because good business moves with time and profit.

Then the breakthrough came when i got to know a secret called “Dropshipping” as this is when i don’t need to buy products with my money. i just own an online store where i display products and when you make payment for an order, i will remove my profit and send the balance amount to the supplier and the supplier ships directly to customers address. So i don’t have to worry about funds to fund the business and i also don’t have to worry about custom clearance because customs don’t place charges for little quantities which stands as a personal quantity and my customer get to receive their product and we are all happy.

As for those asking how to i create an online store? The good news about this is that you don’t need to be a web designer and you don’t need to know a damn thing about coding. There is a platform called SHOPIFY and shopify helps you create and run your shop. Shopify does every work from creating your shop to placing products in your shop, to creating a payment platform to connecting products with suppliers and tracking. It is a great platform where a lot of people are making hundreds and thousands and millions of dollars without having capital to purchase products.
Please google about dropshipping and you would find shopify as the best and most reliable platform to build your ecommerce shop.

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